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Stephen A. Brown
Former Company Stage Manager, National Theatre of Great Britain

As a company member of the London's Royal National Theatre in the 1970s, I worked with­–and watched–many of the great Shakespearean classical actors of that, and the earlier, golden age. Working with Geoffrey Owens has reminded me  of those times and those performers and directors, as his vast and detailed knowledge, insight, authority with the text, his delivery as a teacher and coach, appropriate  inventiveness as a director, and–especially–as an actor, exemplifies all that was good in those times, now moulded from a twenty-first century viewpoint.

André De Shields

I was so impressed with Geoffrey's calm ambition and assured ability in substitute-teaching my Shakespeare course at NYU, I recommended him to the Chairman of the Theater Department at Florida State University, where he ultimately mentored in its conservatory.  My respect and admiration for him grew such that when he performed as 'Henry' in the Goodman Theater's production of David Mamet's Race, it was necessary that I experience it.


Austin Pendelton

I’ve known Geoffrey Owens’s work as an actor for a long time. He’s a very exciting actor - and what’s more, he’s unique.  (I saw him in Race at the Goodman. He was sensational.) He is also a notable Shakespearean actor and teacher. He’s also an exciting playwright.  I could go on. Geoffrey is remarkable. Anybody would be lucky to get to know him and to work with him.

Ben Donenberg
Artistic Director Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

I love working with Geoffrey not only because he's truly a gifted and incredibly creative, passionate actor, but because he's also a generous company member, so supportive of the other members of the acting ensemble.  


Bernard Kramer

Geoffrey is the best Shakespeare teacher I have studied with: generous, erudite, funny, unpretentious, and clear in his direction. He works without any of the proscriptive pedagogy that some teachers impose, but simply helps the student make the text clear.  He is also an excellent acting teacher who has helped me find my own voice. His teaching stresses common sense over dogma.

​Christian Baskous

He knows his stuff; I attest to it as his colleague going back many years. Taste and compassion inform his work, along with wit, scholarship and a wealth of practical skill. If you’re already far along in classical acting and want to push yourself to a higher standard (or need to get your mojo back), Geoffrey’s one of the few with the sophistication and chops to guide you and keep you honest. Seek him out if you really care and trust him to help you.

Ellen O'Neill

Geoffrey was able to take me, with the strongest Bronx accent ever, and give me the courage to speak the Bard’s words. He took ALL my fear away. I could never thank Geoffrey enough for helping me learn and grow.


Elizabeth Brewster
Co-President SAA Theatre Guild, Inc.

Having Geoffrey come to Savannah for a Master's Acting Workshop for the students at Savannah Arts Academy was a highlight for the year. He was engaging, relatable, encouraging and fun. With his expert direction and extensive knowledge, he was able to meet both the needs of the group and each of the students. They were stretched and strengthened in their abilities and inspired to grow in their craft.

​Estelle Parsons

I chose Geoffrey to play leading roles in the New York Shakespeare Players (1985-1987), to play 'Tigellinus' in Salome (with Al Pacino), and to play 'Gloucester' in my experimental King Lear at the Actors Studio.  Geoffrey is a real artist, and it's a pleasure to have a life-long professional relationship with him.

Gail D'Addario

Geoffrey doesn't give up on a student; he works with one until the life of the character becomes enmeshed in oneself.  His understanding and knowledge of Shakespeare is unique.


Jody Prusan

Geoffrey is a remarkable master teacher, one of the most engaging and accessible actor-teacher-directors I know.  I highly recommend him for class and private coaching.


John L Payne

I have been studying with Geoffrey for seven years and attribute my growth to him.  He has a wonderful and gentle teaching style that makes anyone, from beginner to seasoned actor, feel supported.  I can recommend him highly!


John Mudd

Geoffrey’s serious and intense respect for the craft keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be better.

Kal Parekh

When you're in Geoffrey's class, you know what you've been missing all these years.  He doesn't miss a beat and is always open for discussion.  For me, his class has been pure joy!


Kaya Simmons

Working with Geoffrey has been very rewarding. His guidance allows you to truly understand text and embrace bold choices.


Kazy Tauginas

Geoffrey is a Shakespearean encyclopedia. With his vast and precise knowledge of the work, he not only helped me analyze classical text but also pushed me to make bold choices when I stepped into the audition room.


Kendra Holloway

Not only did Geoffrey teach me how to trust myself, but he taught me how to trust the process. Because of him, I now have all the tools I need.


Linda Nussbaum

Geoffrey's passion for his art gives him the ability to draw-in and interact with his students while guiding them through all the literary nuances of a scene.  I was privileged to experience his dynamic class myself and would highly recommend you experience it as well.


Marianna Gailus

Geoffrey's guidance was incredibly valuable in helping me to hone classical and contemporary monologues that ended up being the centerpieces of my MFA audition process.  I'm so excited to be heading to Juilliard in the fall.

Marina Lazzaretto

Geoffrey’s patient and encouraging nature and comprehensive knowledge of text make him the perfect coach for any student. Under his expert instruction I have dramatically grown my skills and am enjoying a new level of confidence and success in my work.


McKenzie Brewster

Having Geoffrey coach me through my two monologues for conservatory auditions changed the process for me.

He’s meticulous yet easy-going, patient, focused, and fun. Months later, I am still growing from his direction.


Megan Cooper

I have used Geoffrey’s class as my own personal workshop for many years to help keep me in shape and to fully realize the text of any role. So much of what I use comes directly from my work with him.


Meghan Miller

Geoffrey is a gracious instructor whose class is fueled with passion. I learned a lot about myself artistically. He’s hands down the strongest teacher I’ve found in years working in New York. I plan on studying with him again.

Michael Cerveris

I've respected Geoffrey as an actor and a man for as long as I've known him. His ability to unlock the intricacies of a text, his rigorous pursuit of truthfulness, and his genuine delight in collaboration make him an ideal colleague. His respect for actors is as sincere as his respect for acting, and both are deep. And he's never been afraid to be goofy, which, to my mind, is the mark of the best artists. Also, he can sing you the entire Beatles catalog.

Michelle Pirret

Having worked with Geoffrey both professionally and as a student, I can say that his heart sings Shakespeare. He embodies all that makes a master teacher - great wisdom, humor, joy, and the ability to meet you on whatever level you may be. He leaves you feeling empowered with a deep clarity and understanding that come from a lifetime of devotion to the work.  


Patricia McNamara

Geoffrey is a master craftsman – astute and keen – who frees up your imagination and hones in on the specifics of the work.  He is absolutely splendid.

Paul Nicholas 

A naturally gifted actor whose performances are devoid of any appearance of pretense, as if he is not acting at all. Geoffrey is also a wonderful teacher; gentle and nurturing while still demanding. As his student you get the sense that he is as invested in your success as you are. 


Paul Sugarman

Geoffrey is a terrific teacher of Shakespeare and acting. He has a keen eye and helps both beginning and more experienced actors get to the next level by making the text clear. He liberates you to express yourself more fully by supporting your strengths.


Penny Lynn White

I've had the good fortune of being coached by Geoffrey one on one for auditions, and it's dynamite.  I feel so confident going in with what we've created.  And his classes, marvelous in their breadth of knowledge, give extremely helpful feedback and insightful revelations.


Terry Ballard

Geoffrey knows his Shakespeare.  He helped me find the depth of the words and bring them alive!    


Thia Stephan

I have been studying with Geoffrey off and on for over 20 years, and I never tire of his wisdom or of growing under his guidance. His phenomenal knowledge of the text combined with his keen directorial eye and loving approach to actors make his class a truly enlightening experience that I treasure.


Thomas Cox

Geoffrey is a terrifically knowledgeable and supportive acting teacher and coach. He is a mentor to me, particularly in the craft of making Shakespeare’s language understandable.


Yurika Foster

When I had zero experience, Geoffrey encouraged my belief that I could make an impact.  Others can build on the same strong base that he gave me.

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